08 February 2016 @ 04:55 am
Random ass icons, things I forgot to post, and some icons from the Cap 3 trailers because I'm simultaneously super excited and very upset and emotional.
Those will be under an extra spoiler tag because why not.

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10 September 2012 @ 01:39 am
So I wrote a pre-series teen wolf ficlet for [ profile] beacon_hills? idek. Figured I'd post it.
Made some art for it. Because art makes things better.
Literally the first (no, second) thing I've ever written. And apparently happiness is a foreign thing to me.

Later, when Stiles will look back on this moment- this horrible, life altering moment, he remembers it mostly in a daze. But how should a child react when their mother dies. When she is taken away from them too soon, through a long drawn out process of leaving. Doesn’t the world know that people need their mothers? Don’t the doctors, or the scientists, or even the goddamn universe know the small simple fact that Stiles needs his mother.

He’ll remember a lot of relatives that he’s never seen before coming to comfort him. How is he supposed to draw comfort from these complete strangers? His mother is gone. And all he has left in this world is his father, his amazing father, his father who would eat bacon cheeseburgers for every meal, his father who deals with criminals on a daily basis. Sure, people say he won’t lose his father. Those random possibilities aren’t a disease. A disease with a hushed up name that starts with C, something people don’t like to talk about, don’t like to mention, especially to him. As if he isn’t aware of what’s going on.

After the funeral, it will rain all day. Stiles feels like its appropriate. It could rain every day. Every day for the rest of his life.

Except he needs to take care of his father. Its just the two of them now. Sheriff Stilinski and his hyperactive son, and the blatant hole in their lives. What a happy picture they would paint. Stiles hiding in the corner of his room, hyperventilating, curled up into a ball, trying desperately to just get one more breath in, one more breath and it will be okay. Everything will be okay.

His father, downstairs in the kitchen. Their kitchen table, where they used to have dinner - loud and bright family meals - is now covered in case files. Case files and whiskey.

When Stiles looks back on this, sometime in the future, he’ll wonder how they ever made it through at all.
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