30 June 2015 @ 03:32 am

hello hello gentle viewers!
i'm in between challenges and i don't work until saturday.
so i'm taking some requests!

comment with either some caps or some subject matter (tv/movie or character or whatever) and i'll do my best.

first thirteen people will get some icons? sure.

20 June 2015 @ 12:08 am
for [ profile] gameofcards's the big one challenge.

marvel - natasha romanoff (15)

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massive multifandom shtuff (77)
izombie (4)
supernatural (4)
asst - big hero 6, the librarians, teen wolf, fringe, btvs (6)
marvel comics (12)
marvel (11)
arrow (40)

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round 68 @ [ profile] character20n20

Arrow - Laurel Lance (24)

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24 March 2015 @ 10:10 pm
Hey hey hey!
So I signed up for the current round of movies lims. You should too!

[ profile] movieslims | [ profile] movieslims | [ profile] movieslims
Sign up for the new round
23 February 2015 @ 08:22 pm
miscellaneous challenge entries (47)
person of interest (8)
marvel - agent carter, gotg (6)
marvel comics - america chavez, natasha romanoff (5)
thg: mockingjay (5)
teen wolf (4)
tvd verse (4)
the librarians (4)
supernatural (4)
misc movies (4)
misc tv (3)

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26 December 2014 @ 11:34 pm

hey hey hey
just a quick promo for [ profile] lims_movie!
this coming round is going to be for THG: Mockingjay.

sign up at this post here!
16 December 2014 @ 02:30 am
[ profile] gameofcards Advent Calender December 8 - 14
multifandom boys (23)
captain america (11)
teen wolf (6)
arrow (3)
vampire diaries (3)

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How exciting! Almost done December! There will probably only be one more post for this advent which will include December 15 - 24.
I've also got another miscellaneous icon dump that I need to post at some point. There's a lot of HTGAWM and some marvel stuff (comics and mcu). Some random others as well.

If anyone has some character requests for my next advent post, lemme know! As you can probably determine, each day is a character. I know I'm going to do some Peggy Carter stuff. Thats about the only thing I have planned.
01 December 2014 @ 11:14 pm
brief graphics update:
there is an advent calendar challenge over at [ profile] gameofcards, so i need to make 24 days worth of things (minimum is like one icon a day - so really not all that much stuff). i'm gonna try and do each day for a different fandom or character, so if anyone has some requests toss them at me in the comments! so far i know that there's gonna be some marvel comics. and how to get away with murder. thats kind of all i know so far.

real life update:
my great aunt died this morning, it really wasn't unexpected because she was like 90 and not doing well. i should probably dye my hair into something more appropriate than super faded sort of green for the bottom half of my head. plus i'm getting sort of anxious about the whole visitation thing. i really hate those.

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