02 November 2016 @ 04:23 pm

So who wants to do a Batfam comics icon battle?

[ profile] sucksucksmile
[ profile] geckoholic
[ profile] sietepecados

how should we do this?
i'm thinking an icon per character, and we choose our own caps?
we should break down who we want to include.
and we can always supply a selection of random caps if people unfamiliar with all the characters want to join.

i know i'll probably need some caps for damian and jason, i think the only thing i've read them in is random batman comics and death of a family.


bruce wayne
dick grayson
jason todd
tim drake
damian wayne
stephanie brown
barbara gordon
cassandra cain
kate kane

selina kyle
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14 April 2016 @ 03:07 am

sign up here
@ [ profile] icontalking

sign ups close april 20 @ 8pm EST

including a code box in case you want to promote the battle as well!
09 March 2016 @ 04:31 am
does anyone want to do a comic icon battle?
what i'm thinking is something much in the way of my arrow full season icon battles, only with a volume of some comic.

because some things can end up huge before the volume closes, i'm thinking of maybe edmonson and noto's black widow series, or maybe g willow wilson's ms marvel.
both aren't a million issues long and are somewhat recent.

anyone interested?
if not i'll probably still do it solo.

so we're going to do g willow wilson's ms marvel volume 3. there are 19 issues. one icon per issue, just like with my whole season battles.

ms marvel vol 3 battle
[ profile] entwashian
[ profile] sucksucksmile

here is a link to my google drive folder with all the comics from this volume. files are cbr - so they're readable on simple comic (mac) or comic rack (pc) or anything like that.
31 October 2015 @ 12:35 am

hello helloooo.
so now that i've finished those requests i said i was going to do four months ago, i think we should do our arrow season 2 battle.
it'll be just like the season 1 battle that we did back in march. one icon per episode of season 2 (23 episodes equals 23 icons).
i'm going to leave sign ups open for a week and then we can start the battle and wrap it up towards the end of november? that'll be like a month to make 23 icons. i think it'll work.

sign up in the comments if you're interested!

[ profile] sucksucksmile - done
[ profile] sietepecados - done
[ profile] crazycordy - done
[ profile] violateraindrop - done
[ profile] linesfade - done
[ profile] second_love - done
[ profile] shameless666 - done
[ profile] wandererjulia - done
[ profile] geckoholic - cant complete
[ profile] spiritcoda - done
[ profile] delacours

kiss them goodbye 2x01 - 2x10
homeofthenutty 2x01 - 2x09
spoilertv stills

Okay, I realized, if you still want to sign up it doesn't really matter. Only date that matters is the SUBMISSION DEADLINE below.

There is a thread in the comments below, post your completed icons and any alternates there. Use the code box below to post your links to your icons.